SOLMEC Snc  it  was founded in the 1984. In the  beginning  did work mainly  for third parties  for big Companies  in several fields (such Automatic Machines and    
Electromedical gears), after this it  quickly took  a  place in the Accuracy Mechanical's field.
In the 1986 , after  contact  with  an important   bicycle company , it  began to develop  extralight  Ergal and Aluminium  bicyle components , first  as prototypes but  today  they are well used from all-day cyclist  and very common between  all  the  enthusiast  in cyclism.
Passion ,  knowledge and  competence have all  contributed to the creation of their  own  line of  bicycle components, marked AKEN  and  so   in  2002  the  Solmec Factory moved to their new  headquarter,  buying new gears  as N/C machines   and  increasing  both  quality and quantity  of  production. With their own design center  and  thanks to  the Certification ISO 9001:2000,  Solmec  gained  high accuracy mechancs to  guarantee customer  satisfaction.
After this growth , Solmec established an important  partnership with a Factory leader in the motorcycle production,  to develop  new parts for  motorcycle for road use  and   motorcycle racing parts.
All the working processes  are vey accurate  and so  Solmec Factory  is specialized in the  production of  motorcycle Engines and  almost all the frame's parts . This is  possible thanks  the  high-standard of technology that Solmec works with.