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AKEN , as  part of SOLMEC brand  became popular thanks the production of high-performance mechanical devices , the perfect balance between the Italian craftsman and  Technology to create  bicycle components, both   MTB or ROAD BIKES .  The partrnerships  with some teams gave great power for research and development   and  in this way products  stuff play their part every weekend during the race's season, both  MTB or Road  in all  Italy and this is the best tested product  possible ! After the prototype and design , once produced  each sinlge part is tested  under the  strict test  under  the Regulations UNI EN14766/14781,  in addition  it  is tested for several miles before  hitting  the market.  It's the only way to produce safe, reliable and advanced products , thanks to this  work-Team   made from specialized technical staff  and enthusiastic  bikers and riders, working together to develop components to answer to the  highest quality standard.  The unique strength  of  AKEN products is  that the entire process is made inside the  Solmec: design, prototype and  production  are 100% MADE IN ITALY inside the own SOLMEC Factory; this allows t us to construct  extralight  and unique components  for unique bikes!